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The dining room

F14037_Esszimmer 2

The dining room in a historical photograph.

This room, which now houses the museum store, was once the Hahnloser family's dining room. It is the largest of the four rooms on the ground floor, adjoining an anteroom and the staircase. The old furniture you see here are originals from the time of the Hahnloser couple's remodeling. They were designed and built by architect Robert Rittmeyer, a good friend of the family, together with Hedy Hahnloser. Both showed an interest in the design of rooms that went far beyond the organisation of volumes and wall surfaces. From the very beginning, they also wanted to design the future furnishings. Right down to fabric details such as curtains and tablecloths, which were designed by Hedy Hahnloser, nothing was left to chance, but instead was based on the pursuit of aesthetic harmony.

Historical photos show how art was integrated into everyday life and how the Hahnlosers selected and hung the works. It makes sense that the kitchen contains mainly still lifes with food.