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The bedroom

Schlafzimmer mit Bonnards.tiff

Photograph of a bedroom with works by Pierre Bonnard

Over 130 years have passed since the Hahnlosers moved into the Flora. Since then, the appearance and use of many rooms have changed. This part of the building, the original villa, always housed living spaces. It was only with the most recent renovation that these rooms also became publicly accessible museum rooms.

The Hahnloser couple cultivated close personal and friendly relationships with many of the artists whose works they collected. Félix Vallotton, for example, was a close friend and frequent guest. Henri Manguin was also a regular visitor to the Flora and even worked here: he painted a portrait of Arthur Hahnloser and also captured the Villa Flora itself in a painting. For a while, he lived in this room, which he also helped to design a little on this occasion: for the decorative squares on the doors of the built-in cabinets, he painted a series of small-format back nudes, which he placed on them.


View of the bedroom with works by Henri Manguin. He created the small-scale nudes on the cabinet doors as decorations during his stay at the Flora. Photograph after 1952.

The Villa Flora is a house of art and artistic friendship, as evidenced not least by such loving details.