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Welcome to the Villa Flora!

We look forward to welcoming you as our guests at the Villa Flora.


Konrad Bitterli, the director of the Kunst Museum Winterthur

The reopening of the Villa Flora also marks the return of the masterpieces from the famous collection of Hedy and Arthur Hahnloser. The fact that they are returning to the place for which they were originally acquired is a stroke of luck. The building, with its modern interior for its time and the idyllic garden, is a unique ensemble which, through the art, comes together to form a true Gesamtkunstwerk – a cultural pearl of the highest artistic standard!

"Il faut vivre son temps"

Hedy Hahnloser's legendary quote is fundamental to understanding the collection. "Il faut vivre son temps" is also the guiding principle for the communication of art and architecture in this contemporary form: Flora digital. Immerse yourself in the world of art, in the collection of Hedy and Arthur Hahnloser - yesterday and today. We hope you, our valued guests, enjoy your tour of Villa Flora – whether real or digital!